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PGA Tour Player’s Golf Swing Secret Can Now Be Tested

Valley Cottage, USA – It has been discovered that there is one big swing difference between PGA Tour players and amateur golfers swings. And Jeff Richmond now has a golf swing test so that amateur golfers can test to see if they are swinging like a PGA Tour player in this one critical aspect or not.
According to Jeff Richmond, owner of The Golf Swing Test “if a golfer fails the golf swing test it can be costing them up to 50 yards in distance, causing them to greatly lack accuracy and stop golfers from having any sort of golfing consistency.”
This one main golf swing difference was discovered after spending many hours analyzing and comparing the swings of PGA Tour players golf swings, and amateur golfers swing. The golf swing test was then created so that every amateur golfer could quickly find out how their swing compares to that of a top professional golfer.

“It’s common knowledge that the average golfer has not improved their handicap over the last 30 years — even with all the improvements in equipment, course maintenance, and golf instruction technology. And after discovering this one golf swing fault that most amateur golfers suffer from, I believe it’s one of the main reasons why most average golfers don’t improve as much as they would like,” says Jeff Richmond.

For more information about The Golf Swing Test please visit ( ) to see The Golf Swing Test amateur golfers need to take.

Now You Can Take A Simple 2 Minutes Swing Test To See If You Have This Swing Fault Or Not

If you do have this swing fault you’ll want to know about it because it WILL be costing you…

• distance (could be up to 50 yards)
• accuracy
• consistency

So to find out whether you have this swing fault or not click here and take this simple 2 minute golf swing test.

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